Nutrilen repair

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Nutrilen repair is indicated in case of cold sores, itching and redness on the lip contour, in case of fissures of the lips and angular cheilitis and in case of nasal dryness or presence of scabs.

Benefits of using Nutrilen repair
It combines re-epithelising and repairing properties of tissues with antibacterial and antiviral action, in particular towards Herpes simplex. Useful in case of angular cheilitis, cracked lips, post herpes vesicles, dryness and small nasal bleeds (thanks to the ophthalmic spout). It has a base of Argan, Almond and Calendula oil which, associated with the presence of hyaluronic acid at high and low m.w., guarantees a marked soothing, moisturising and re-epithelizing action.

Apply 6-8 times a day or as needed.





A number of studies have shown that the galangine contained in propolis is among the molecules capable of counteracting viral replication, also against the herpes virus. It has a significant stimulating ability for tissue regeneration.

Caprifoglio giapponese

Japanese knotweed

Polygonum cuspidatum is the plant with the highest content in resveratrol, known for its antioxidant activity. Various studies show its efficacy against the Herpes virus, also limiting the appearance of skin lesions.

Tea Tree oli

Tea Tree oil

The anti-herpetic activity of Melaleuca alternifolia oil is due to direct interaction with the virus, preventing its penetration into the cell. Tea Tree oil also has the ability to reduce pain related to infection and accelerates the epithelial healing process.

acido ialuronico

Low and high MW Hyaluronic acid

The low molecular weight form conveys the active ingredients more deeply and performs an intense hydration action of the surface layer as well as of the deep layer of the epidermis. The moisturising action of hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight) also relieves itching, often associated with dry skin, and helps to repair the epidermis thanks to its re-epithelizing activity.