Health isn’t everything,
but without it, everything else is nothing.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Phytotherapy, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics.

Nutrileya is an Italian company established in 2014 by three partners with previous experience in the sector and with the objective of introducing technologically-advanced products into the field of natural medicine.

Nature offers numerous opportunities; Nutrileya makes the most of the therapeutic properties of plants and their active principles which, when extracted, selected and combined correctly, have a beneficial effect on our body. The roots of phytotherapy lie in tradition and, to this day, it continues to prove its validity by uniting a century of experience with innovation in production processes and modern scientific research.

Quality according to Nutrileya

  • Original formulas: all products are carefully formulated by Nutrileya
  • The pursuit of excellence: extracted from the best scientific evidence, most of which patented, in a mix developed for specific needs
  • Science and innovation: with the right amounts and active principle titration, every product can express its maximum effectiveness.